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My Canadian Pharmacy – Impressive Combination of Modern Drugs and Low Prices

My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP), a recognizable international online drugstore whose history goes 20 years back, focuses on supplying of high-quality pharmaceutical items manufactured by reliable companies without expensive markups to already low prices. Irregardless of whether you are in the USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world, this is your go-to source for all health products if your values are convenience, money saving, and rewarding quality of service. Complete privacy, reduced prices and great products – these are main keys to success, which make our company particularly famous among diversified clients from all over the globe.

Now let’s have a closer look at the pharmaceutical products that we offer. Generally, we have both branded and generic drugs available in 20 over categories, diversified strengths as well as dosages and aiming to cure various health conditions. Our online drugstore is perfectly suitable for the whole family, and that drastically eases the purchase process and saves a significant amount of money due to various offers and advantageous delivery fees. The main focus aims towards products for men’s health as well as well-being of couples, treatment of diabetes, asthma, cholesterol-related issues, heart conditions and others. Most importantly, at our store you can easily find both, famous and rare drugs, thanks to diversified stock. In addition, all your orders will be safely delivered to specified location in a quick and efficient manner.

In order to provide the best and exclusive range of services with the industry’s most effective medications, we also offer a comprehensive database of with information regarding all products available at our website. In case if required, every customer is welcome to get personal care through informational and customer support provided by our service. Our platform cannot be viewed as complete substitute for personal face-to-face consultation with a specialist in medicine, but our priorities stay with provision of the most fit-for-purpose temporary solutions to assist every customer in making a well-versed decision regarding his own health.

Canadian Pharmacy Moving Up: The Future of E-Drugstores is Here

We realize that the pharmaceutical market is constantly changing, and we strive to keep up with those changes. That is why we have decided to open an online drugstore in addition to our brand offline pharmacies. We believe that it is the most advantageous strategy for the moment.

How do we manage to succeed both online and offline?

We have a team of qualified IT specialists, who ensure the flawless and uninterrupted operation of our website and mobile application and regularly supplement them with innovative features and functions.

Biggest Choice of ED Generics

Canadian Pharmacy enlarges the stock of Generic Viagra ($0.32), Generic Cialis ($0.99), and other ED medications on a constant basis. After all, the ability to purchase affordable ED meds by everybody – that’s what makes the treatment with Viagra and other related meds so effective. At our online platform, there are really no limitations of variety or price range of medications – in comparison to cast-in-stone physical drugstores that tend to maintain their prices high. Such alternative aids in proper planning of your personal sex life with a high degree of certainty.

How do we manage to keep the prices in check and up to 90% lower than those quoted by local pharmacies? We have well-established business relations with dependable non-developer pharmaceutical companies producing generics. This ensures the lowest price against the background of vetted quality.

At our drugstore you can find erection pills in a variety of forms, which spells an opportunity to adapt your therapy to your needs. To highlight your benefits, you can alternate between quick onset Viagra capsules or classical film-coated tablets, as well as find the correct dose even for complete ED. The same diversity of forms and doses is available for other drugs like Levitra or Cialis. With our pharmacy, you will discover that ED can be managed with ease and efficacy.

What Makes Our Brand Unique?

Today, on the Internet, there are thousands of pharmacies, which do not differ significantly from each other since they offer similar goods and services at similar prices. But our international Canada pharmacy has a wide range of obvious advantages over the rest:

Our mission of growth and improvement

Due to many years of experience, we have managed to thoroughly study the needs, preferences, and expectations of our customers from Canada, the USA, and other countries, so we can easily provide them with the very things they need at prices they can afford.

As of now, the catalog of My Canadian Pharmacy includes:

Besides, we offer convenient and advantageous refill services:

Our major business goal is to provide clients from all around the world with top-quality medicines and other products for health and beauty at the most competitive prices along with a full range of related services.

Exclusive Offers and Features

Reasons for choosing us as your online drug supplier


Our company can boast an extensive range of advantages. First, we are a pharmacy with 20 years of experience. Secondly, we have managed to keep our reputation spotless during such a significant period. Do little research on the Internet, and you will see that yourself. Besides, you can have a look at feedback published by our users on the website. Our client base includes thousands of customers from different countries, and the overwhelming majority of them leave 100% positive reviews. Also, it is crucial to note that we are continuously improving our service and introducing new advantageous products and features to our users.

Why do consumers from all over the world choose our drugstore?

Impressive Catalog of Medicines

You can turn to us with any health problems – in our catalog, there are high-quality remedies for both common and rare diseases and disorders, and all of them are offered at the lowest reasonable prices. Certainly, all of the items are always in stock, so they will be delivered to you without undue delays. My Canadian Pharmacy is the service that will help you save time, effort, and money 0 we will do everything in our power to serve you within the shortest term and to provide the ultimate shopping experience.

Our company has already managed to take the leading position on the global market, but we are not going to stop or rest on our laurels. We keep on working hard day by day to preserve those achievements.

One should highlight that we put a special focus on products for male and female sexual health. In the catalog of our drugstore, there is a large selection of remedies for treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other similar problems. More to the point, we include free samples of such products to every order.

Top 5 advantages of our platform:

Do you want to be the first to learn about the upcoming sales and promotions? Install our brand mobile app or subscribe to our newsletters to regularly receive updates to your email.

Brand and Generic Prescription Medications at My Canadian Pharmacy

Prescription medications

According to statistics, as of today, in about 70% of cases, doctors and patients give preference to generic medicines, since they are often several times cheaper. Our company offers both brand-name and generic medications, but the question is: “Why to pay more?”.

To start with, let us explain what generics are. These are copies of brand-name drugs that are introduced by external manufacturers after patents on original products expire. In fact, any pharma company from any country can produce a generic if a brand medicine is no longer protected with a patent.

Original and generic drugs are manufactured with the use of the same formula, which means that they contain identical active substances and produce identical health effects. They are interchangeable, so a patient can switch to a generic at any moment and that will not affect the results of a treatment course. Such copies are as safe as original drugs: the lists of potential side effects and drug interactions are identical.

Still, every customer should know that there are certain slight differences between original drugs and generic alternatives:

For a patient, the biggest difference between a brand-name drug and a generic lies in prices. So, how can generics be so cheap? The reason is lower expenses. First, a manufacturer does not have to invest money and time in developing a formula, he makes use of the one created by an original producer. Secondly, a company manufacturing generics does not need to invest in patenting and advertising. Thirdly, such producers often choose developing countries for establishing their factories since prices and salaries are much lower there.

Buying generics is the easiest way to reduce drug expenses. The main point is to make sure that they meet the current quality standards. However, if you order from our website, you will not need to worry about that. We will make sure you get the premium-class products only.

Breaking down the low price formation


At first glance, it may seem to you that our prices are unreasonably low. You may even have certain doubts about whether it is safe to order from our online pharmacy. Still, we can easily explain such exciting discounts.

First and foremost, we have been working in this sphere for decades, so we have already managed to establish advantageous partnerships with most leading manufacturers and can get favorable terms for our clients. Secondly, since we work with producers directly, we do not have to pay for the services of intermediaries. Thirdly, we have optimized most business processes, including shipping, and that has also lowered our expenses.

If you make a search, you will probably find many websites offering similar products at much lower prices. But you should keep in mind that, on the Internet, there are hundreds of websites that attract clients with shockingly cheap prices and sell counterfeit medicines. There is a risk that such products contain smaller doses of active ingredients or are produced from low-quality raw materials. More to the point, it may even turn out that they are made of chalk and contain no active ingredients at all. If you do not want to fall into such a pitfall, it is better to avoid offers that seem too generous.

We can safely claim that we offer the best quality-to-price ratio – prices cannot be reduced anymore without compromising the quality aspects. The trust of our customers is our biggest value, and we will never put it at risk. We take quality issues seriously and choose manufacturers with great care.

E-drugstore in your mobile app – smarter and faster shopping


My Canadian Pharmacy is the company that strives to keep pace with the times. Today, most people access the Internet via mobile phones, so we have decided to create a brand application. This app from MCP is distributed for free and is compatible with mobile gadgets of all the brands. After installing it, you will get an opportunity to order medicines at any convenient time and from any place, where there is access to the Internet. Also, you can use it to subscribe to our newsletters informing about the current and upcoming promotions. Go to the catalog of our store right now and see how much you can cut your drug expenses.

User discretion is required in reading the contents of this website. We remind you that although we make references to such regulatory bodies as US Mexico Border Health Commission, US Department of Health and Human Services, we are not related to them, and any such mentioning is made with informational purposes. You can find their official websites at We strive to provide our users with accurate data, but we reserve the right to have errors or incomplete information.

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