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My Canadian Pharmacy – The Crossroads of Great Offer and Low Price

My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP), an acclaimed international online drugstore with almost 20 years of history, specializes in selling medicines and health products from the leading manufacturers at reasonable and attractive prices. Irrespective, if you are located in the USA, Canada, or any other place around the globe, that should certainly be your supplier of health pharma products of choice, if you value quality, reliability, comfort, fund-saving, as well as premium-level services. Absolute privacy, discounted price ranges and genuine-quality products – those are key pathways to success of our company, mostly when it comes to various clients around the entire world.

Do not hesitate to study in details the huge catalog of pharmaceutical products offered by us. Basically, at our online store you can find both branded and generic medications available across more than 20 categories, coming in various strengths and doses and curing diversified health conditions. This online pharmacy is clearly appropriate for the entire family, and significantly simplifies the buying process and saves a substantial amount of money thanks to numerous special offers and profitable delivery options. The major focus is at men’s health pharma as well as well-products for couples and treatment of asthma, diabetes, cholesterol-associated conditions, heart conditions and many more. Moreover, at our online shop you can effortlessly find both, well-known and rare medications with help of a rich stock of goods. Furthermore, all your purchases will be securely delivered to mentioned location in a fast and effective way.

With the purpose of providing the best and unique variety of services alongside with the most efficient meds in the industry, out company also provides a complete database of with detailed info about all medications sold at our online store. In case if necessary, each customer is free to request for a private assistance via informational and professional customer support included in our service list. Our online platform cannot be deemed as full substitution of a private face-to-face consultation with a medicine professional, but our priorities remain in line with delivery of the most suitable temporary solutions to help each customer in producing a well-informed decision with regards to his health.

Canadian Pharmacy Makeover: Stepping Into The Future Of Virtual Drugstore

We understand that the pharmaceutical market is continuously evolving, and we do our best to follow up with these changes. That’s why we have taken a decision to start an online drugstore business on top of our offline branded pharmacies. In our opinion, this it is the most effective strategy at current state.

By what means do we succeed in both offline and online businesses?

Our team includes experienced IT professionals, who warrant the faultless and continuous functioning of our website as well as mobile application, and upgrade them on a regular basis with innovative functions and features.

Biggest Choice of ED Generics

Canadian Pharmacy is focused on making Generic Viagra ($0.32), Generic Cialis ($0.99), and other medications for men’s sexual health available and affordable to everyone. After long years of waiting, today, every patient can easily afford to buy ED drugs he needs, which significantly contributes to the effectiveness of treatment. At our online drugstore, in contrast to offline outlets with much more expensive prices, the assortment and the size of discounts are not limited. So, our clients can enjoy a full-quality sex life without any limitations.

Ever wondered how we manage to maintain the price range verified and within 90% lower range when compared to local pharmacies? We maintain well-recognized business relations with reliable pharmaceutical companies that are not actual developers and yet produce generic drugs of a good quality. This fact aids in ensuring the lowest prices alongside with the verified quality.

At our online pharmacy you can get erection pills in various forms, which provides a chance of adapting your prescribed therapy to your personal requirements. To highpoint your benefits, you can further try alternating quick onset Viagra capsules with traditional film-coated meds, or identify the most suitable dosage even for cases of serious ED. Similar variety of forms and dosages is applicable to other medications like Cialis or Levitra. Only at our online drugstore, you will be able to believe that ED can be easily managed with efficient and safe approach.

What Makes Our Brand Unique?

Today, Internet offers tens of thousands of various pharmacies, which generally do not vary meaningfully among each other due to the fact that they sell analogous goods and offer similar services at same prices. However, our international Canada pharmacy provides a rich collection of incomparable advantages over the competitors, such as:

Our mission of growth and improvement

Thanks to a long-lasting experience, our company has managed to methodically study and understand the basic needs, likings, and preferences of our potential clients from the USA, Canada, as well as other countries around the globe, so that we can effortlessly offer them the exact solutions they require, while maintaining prices at acceptable ranges.

As of today, our catalogue at My Canadian Pharmacy contains the following:

In addition, we provide a comfortable and effective services, such as:

Our key business objective is to offer our customers from all over the globe with high-quality medications and other goods for beauty and health at the most attractive and reasonable prices together with a wide variety of associated services.

Exclusive Offers and Features

Reasons for choosing us as your online drug supplier


Our pharmacy can offer a wide range of diversified advantages. First of all, we represent an experienced business with over 20 years of experience. In addition, we have succeeded to maintain our reputation pure within such an extended period. A quick Internet research will be enough, for you to become certain of that. Moreover, you are welcome to check out feedbacks posted at our website by our clients. Our database of customers contains thousands of clients from various countries worldwide, and the dominating majority of them have completely positive reviews. In addition, it is import to point out that we uninterruptedly enhance our services and introduce new valuable goods as well as features to all our customers.

Here are the main reasons why clients from all over the globe prefer our pharmacy:

Wide Catalog of Products

You can get in touch with us with any health-related issues – our huge catalogue contains premium-quality solutions for common as well as rare diseases and health conditions, and they come at low and reasonable price ranges. Of course, all of our goods stock is always available, so the delivery will be within a short period of time. My Canadian Pharmacy is the service provider that will aid you in saving your precious time, efforts, as well as money – our specialists will do their best to help you as fast as possible and to offer the premium shopping experience.

Our pharmacy has already reached leading positions at the global market, however that doesn’t stop us in our development and progress. We continuously work every day to maintain those achievements and further improve them.

It is also worth pointing out that we put a special emphasis on product related to men’s health as well as female sexual health. In our catalogue there are various medications for treatment of Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, as well as other analogous health conditions. Furthermore, we offer free samples of abovementioned medications for every order.

5 key advantages of our company:

In case if you want to be among first ones to learn about the forthcoming promotions and sales, go ahead and install our mobile app or complete a subscription to our newsletters to be able to constantly receive updates via email.

Original and Generic Prescription Drugs at My Canadian Pharmacy

Prescription medications

Based on current statistical data, in around 70% of situations, both healthcare specialists and their patients prefer to use generic medications due to significantly reduced price. Our online pharmacy offers both generic and branded meds, however the question still remains: “Why do you need to pay more?”.

First of all, let’s familiarize ourselves with the term “generics”. Those are replicas of branded meds that are produced by external manufacturers once the patents of original products are expired. Actually, any pharmaceutical company around the globe can develop a generic product once the branded medication is no longer under patent protection.

Original and generic meds are produced with the application of identical formula and hence contain similar active ingredients as well as result in alike health effects. Those meds are easily substitutable, hence each patient is free to change to a generic form at any time without any worries about possible negative effects on treatment results. Those replicas exhibit similar levels of safety as original medications: the list of possible side effects and drug interactions are generally similar as well.

Nevertheless, each patient is required to understand that there still may be some slight variations between original meds and generic substitutes:

For a client, the key difference between branded medication and its generic replica – is still their associated prices. Likewise, what makes generics become so cheap? The reason is due to reduced expenses. First of all, a manufacturer is not required to have a major investment of money and time in development of a specific formula, since he utilizes the existing from original developer. In addition, a company producing generics, does not require to have additional investments in patenting as well as advertisement. Moreover, such producers generally target developing countries to construct their factories due to much lower prices and salaries around there.

Purchase of generics is the simplest way to decrease expenses associated with medications. The key point is to ensure that the established quality standards are met. Nevertheless, if you order generics from our website, you don’t really need to be concerned regarding that, since we guarantee that you receive the high-quality products.

Breaking down the low price formation


Initially, you may consider our prices are irrationally reduced. Certain clients may even start having some doubts regarding their safety, if they are to purchase from our online drugstore. Don’t worry, we can provide a simple explanation to those attractive discounts.

First of all, we have been doing business in this sector for many years now, hence we have already established a number of beneficial partnerships with leading producers and can obtain favourable terms for our customers. In addition, since we directly deal with manufacturers, we save a substantial amount of money that usually go to intermediaries. Finally, we have managed to do necessary optimizations to majority of business processes, including shipment, which has also reduced our expenditures.

You are welcome to do your own research and most probably you will find a lot of websites providing alike products at prices that are much lower than ours. However, don’t forget that when it comes to Internet, there may be a huge number of websites trying to attract their clients with help of outrageously low prices, while sell counterfeit products. The major risk in these situations is that those products may include reduced doses of key active components or, even worse, produced from poor-quality raw materials. Moreover, some of those products may turn out to be produced of chalk or include no key active components at all. If you want to avoid falling into such a dangerous situation, it is best that you stay away from offers that seem too good to be true.

We can confidently affirm that we provide the most favourable quality-to-price ratio i.e., the prices are not subject to any further reduction without possible negative effect to the quality. Our customers’ trust is our main value, and we will never risk it. We take very seriously any quality-related issues and select manufacturers with care.

E-drugstore in your mobile app – smarter and faster shopping


My Canadian Pharmacy is the business that does its best to stay connected to contemporary world. Nowadays, majority of people use Internet with help of their mobile devices and smartphones. This fact has inspired us to develop an application for our branded store. Our MCP app is available free of charge and compatible with mobile devices of all today’s brands. Upon completion of installation, you will be able to place your order of medications anytime and anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. In addition, with help of our app you can subscribe to our newsletters, which will keep you updated about current and future promotions. Browse through the catalogue of our store and discover how much you can save on your drug expenses.

User discretion is required in reading the contents of this website. We remind you that although we make references to such regulatory bodies as US Mexico Border Health Commission, US Department of Health and Human Services, we are not related to them, and any such mentioning is made with informational purposes. You can find their official websites at We strive to provide our users with accurate data, but we reserve the right to have errors or incomplete information.

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