At, customer satisfaction is the top priority and a policy that we reinforce with rigidly set rules. Our best policy is preventing customers from getting subpar services: we regularly inspect our warehouse supplies and dispose of products whose shelf life is about to expire, and make sure that we only dispatch tightly packaged items after the order has been processed.

We provide shipping insurance at a symbolic price; this guarantees a speedy reimbursement in case the products or packaging are damaged or lost during delivery for reasons our company could not foresee or prevent (the cases that are sole responsibility of the courier service).

Personal Data Protection

We make it our point to prevent identifiable customer information, inlcuding payment information, from leaking, being exposed or stolen. In order to achieve that, we constantly revise the methods used to reinforce our Web security systems, updating the protocols used and running our encryption through multiple checkpoints.

BorderHealth complies with the laws regulating customer data protection and ensure an ethical and sensible use, processing and storing of the data you share with us. If you wish for your personal data to be removed, you can send this request to our Customer Support representatives via email or LiveChat feature.

The website is used not only to promote our products, services and provide access to products, but is also used for the collection of personal data. It is an alternative data treatment to that of the professional’s activity, which therefore is based on user consent, and is entered in the treatment register. We give full information on how we handle the information shared with us in the Terms and Policies, and the users of our website can opt out of having their information collected or stored at any given moment.

Data confidentiality is essential for us

At our company, we are constantly working to ensure data protection. We want our customers and users of our website to enjoy our services in peace, confident that we treat personal information very seriously. In line with these assumptions, we are also committed to being as transparent as possible regarding the methods of storage, processing and data protection.

Our commitment to ensuring privacy and data security has led to the introduction of several changes, in order to comply with what is established by the Canadian data protection act (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), which came into force on April 13, 2000.

The PIPEDA has been described as the largest and most comprehensive data privacy law ever developed. For this, companies in Canada and around the world need to review and reorganize the way they manage and protect personal data.

For us as a healthcare platform, data plays a vital role. Of course, giving access to pharmacy shops and inviting people to write reviews and share their experiences involves exchanging information. So to make sure we comply with the new rules, we focused on creating new processes and updating the Privacy Policy.