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Generic Kamagra
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General Information:

Sildenafil, the active substance of Kamagra, is a powerful agent for the treatment of impotency and disorders caused by erectile dysfunction. Its main task is to prevent them from affecting potency due to the direct effect on the mechanism of erection. Kamagra is used in cases where an erection occurs, but it is not sufficient for fully realized sexual activity. Sildenafil helps to relax smooth muscle tissue and increase blood flow to penis.

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Sildenafil is a powerful agent for the treatment of impotency and disorders caused by erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t matter what causes male impotency: physiological problems in organism or a psychological factor. It does not matter in what form they develop and progress. The drug does not treat these diseases. Its main task is to prevent them from affecting potency due to the direct effect on the mechanism of erection. Kamagra is used in cases where an erection occurs, but it is not sufficient for fully realized sexual activity. Sildenafil helps to relax smooth muscle tissue and increase blood flow to penis. Kamagra is not intended to have a direct relaxing effect, it only enhances the effect of chemical compounds, which in the process of reactions in the human body are designed to provide and enhance potency. For the effectiveness of the drug, the presence of sexual stimulation is required. An erection occurs naturally.


Many men in different periods of life may encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as weakening of erection. The scientific name of this disease is erectile dysfunction. It makes intimate life less pleasant or even impossible, or seriously complicates performing of sexual intercourse. Fortunately, with the help of Kamagra, it is possible to cure a weak erection shortly. Kamagra is one of the analogues of original Viagra. Initially, only Pfizer had the rights to release Viagra. The original drug is made in the form of blue tablets, diamond-shaped. But after the expiration of the patent for this drug, many companies began to produce analogues of Viagra. Kamagra is available in blue-green tablets with a rhombic shape. The dosage of sildenafil is 25, 50 or 100 mg. The maximum dose of the medication per day is no more than 100 mg, thus it is forbidden to take Kamagra more than once a day. A tablet of the drug must be swallowed and drunk down with any non-alcoholic beverage approximately 45 minutes before sexual intercourse. Approximately within 30-40 minutes after administration, a man has a strong and long-lasting erection which is accompanied by a pronounced desire for sex. This is a sign of the onset of Kamagra.

How to Use of Generic Kamagra

Kamagra should be taken once needed approximately 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse. The recommended dose of the drug is 50 mg before meals. Based on the effectiveness and tolerability of the drug, its dose can be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 100 mg. The following cases require special attention:

1. Renal failure

With mild and moderate degree of kidney failure, the recommended dose adjustment is not required. Due to the fact that in patients with severe impaired renal function, the clearance of sildenafil is reduced, it is necessary to reduce the dose to 25 mg in such cases.

2. Hepatic failure

In patients with liver failure, the dose of Kamagra should be reduced to 25 mg.

3. Elderly patients

Elderly patients do not require dose adjustment.

4. Pediatric patients

Kamagra is not indicative to be used by patients under 18 years of age.

5. Use by patients taking other drugs

When combined with ritonavir, the maximum single dose of the drug should be 25 mg, no more than 1 time within 48 hours. When used together with cytochrome P450 3A4 inhibitors (such as erythromycin, saquinavir, ketoconazole, itraconazole), the initial dose of the drug is 25 mg.

Precautions & Contraindications

Application of Kamagra is contraindicated to patients with hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any other component of the drug. Due to the effect on the exchange of nitrogen oxide/cGMP, sildenafil enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrates when they are used once or for a long time, therefore its simultaneous use with nitrogen oxide donators, organic nitrates or nitrites in any form is permanently or periodically contraindicated. The drugs for erectile dysfunction, including sildenafil, should not be used by patients for whom sexual activity is undesirable (for example, patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, such as unstable angina or severe heart failure). Kamagra intake is contraindicated to patients with loss of vision in one eye due to non-arterial anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, regardless of whether this occurred as a result of taking a PDE5 inhibitor or not.

The safety of Kamagra has not been studied in such subgroups of patients, and therefore its use is contraindicated to patients with:

  • severely impaired hepatic function;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • with a recent stroke or myocardial infarction;
  • known hereditary degenerative diseases of eye retina, such as retinitis pigmentosa (a small number of these patients have a genetic disease of the retinal PDE);
  • Kamagra is not intended for use by women and persons under 18 years.


If you exceed the recommended dosage of Kamagra, an overdose can occur. Manifestations of overdose are similar to side-effects from taking the drug. However, they may appear more intense and cause more discomfort. If an overdose is suspected, stop taking the drug and seek medical attention. Please, note: you can use no more than 100 mg of sildenafil per day. Possible symptoms: visual impairment, headache, flushing, dyspepsia, dizziness, nasal congestion. In case of overdose, the standard supportive measures should be applied.


The main component of the drug Kamagra cannot be used in combination with some other drugs. These medications list includes:

  • organic nitrates;
  • certain types of antibiotics;
  • hypoglycemic drugs;
  • calcium antagonists;
  • alpha blockers;
  • nitrogen donors;
  • various substance inhibitors;
  • drugs used for treatment of HIV;
  • other drugs to improve potency.

If there is a need for a systematic intake of medicines, it is essential to discuss the possibility of combining them with this means for potency with an attending doctor.


  • Neurological disorders: headache, flushing, migraine, ataxia, tremor, weakening of reflexes, neuralgia, paresthesia, hypoesthesia, depression, fainting, insomnia, drowsiness, dizziness.
  • Otolaryngological disorders: deafness, tinnitus.
  • Ophthalmological disorders: blurred vision (hypersensitivity to light, change in color perception, blurred vision), conjunctivitis, mydriasis, cataracts, bleeding in the eyeball, pain in the eyeballs, xerophthalmia.
  • Cardiovascular disorders: arterial hypotension, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, palpitations, angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia, cardiomyopathy, ECG changes, heart failure, AV-blockade, cerebral thrombosis, heart failure.
  • Respiratory disorders: nasal congestion, pharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, dyspnea, increased cough, increased sputum, bronchial asthma.
  • Hematological disorders: anemia, leukopenia.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: glossitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, dry mouth, nausea, dysphagia, esophagitis, gastritis, colitis, gastroenteritis, rectal bleeding.
  • Urinary disorders: urinary tract infections, nocturia, cystitis, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, anorgasmia, impaired ejaculation, gynecomastia, genital edema.
  • Exchange disorders: thirst, hyperuricemia, hypernatremia, gout, labile diabetes, hyper- / hypoglycemia.
  • Dermatological disorders: contact dermatitis, rash, urticaria, pruritus, herpes simplex, skin ulceration, exfoliative dermatitis, photosensitization.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: ossalgia, arthritis, myalgia, arthrosis, tendon rupture, myasthenia gravis, synovitis, tendosynovitis.
  • Other: peripheral edema, pain syndromes, sweating, chills, shock, allergic reactions.


Do not store Kamagra above 30°C. Shelf life is three years. Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package. Parents are obliged to ensure the safety of children and eliminate the possibility of their access to the medication.

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