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Priligy is the first oral formula for managing the symptoms of premature ejaculation (PE), a condition that, according to Edward Laumann’a research dated 1999 and relying on the data of National Health and Social Life Survey In 1992, is the most common problem affecting a man’s sexuality. Priligy is designed to be taken 1 to 3 hours prior to engaging sexually. The drug is capable of increasing intravaginal latency and thus prolonging the sexual act by 30%.
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Priligy is the medication for treating premature ejaculations that contains dapoxetine, which creates the excess of serotonin in a body. This ingredient belongs to the class of SSRI ? the substances that block the reuptake of serotonin in nerve cells. Dapoxetine works similar to SSRI antidepressants, but its use causes fewer side effects. In addition, you do not have to take it on a daily basis.

By using Priligy, you can take control over ejaculations and choose the time for them to occur. After you feel that you can influence an ejaculation process, you are likely to get rid of doubts, insecurities and frustration associated with the past premature ejaculation experiences. Besides, the effect provided by Priligy will help you relax and enjoy sex to the full.

Unknown Effects of Dapoxetine

According to the feedback, the use of this product can provide men with the following advantages:

  • lasting in bed for longer (until an ejaculation);
  • controlling ejaculations in a more effective way;
  • getting more pleasure from sex (from both a physical and a psychological point of view);
  • getting rid of insecurities and other psychological problems related to premature ejaculation experiences.

Pros and Cons of Use

As the product for treating premature ejaculations, dapoxetine entered the global market in 2009. In Canada, Mexico, Europe and some countries of Asia, this substance is sold as Priligy. But in the USA the certification of dapoxetine was not approved from the first attempt in 2005. The reason for that was multiple related issues that remained disputable. As of now, in this country the certification process is in the phase of clinical studies. The result of this process is still undecided.

From the moment of its launch, experts have been actively discussing the role of this SSRI drug. According to the results of the researches, the use of this product makes a positive impact on health, although the amount of the benefits produced is limited. On average, men, using Priligy, report that their sexual intercourses last 1-2 minutes longer. But the result may differ depending on the dosage. Sure, like in case of any other medicine, Priligy may cause certain adverse side effects. However, its positive impact overweighs them, even if a time gain may seem to be too small.

This product belongs to prescription medicines. However, you can legally buy it on the Internet after receiving an online recipe. There are two variants of the dosage strength available: 30 mg and 60 mg. You can select from several sizes of packs as well. They can include 3, 6, 9 or 12 pills.

Above all, you should not take Priligy on a daily basis ? just on those days, when you plan to have sex. In case you use it every day, the level of serotonin in your organism will be permanently increased, and the number of receptors sensitive to the corresponding signals will be reduced. The receptors will constantly decay. This process is reversible, the organism will form new receptors over some time. As a result, the organism will replace the areas that will be too active, and you will need to regularly increase the dose of Priligy to feel the effect. Besides, you will feel depressed during the periods of receptor formation.

Compared with other SSRI medications, Priligy starts working significantly quicker ? within an hour. Its effect does not last for long as well ? for 2-3 hours only. Consequently, it is advisable to take a pill about 3 hours prior to sex. In case the time gap is bigger, there is a risk that it will stop working before you start the sexual intercourse.

The common single dosage of the medication is 30 mg. But in case this portion does not provide a sufficient effect, the doctor can recommend increasing it to 60 mg.

Due to the fact that Priligy is quickly removed from the body, you will not experience as many side effects as in the case of SSRI antidepressants. For example, you are unlikely to face a decrease in sexual desire.

As a SSRI product, Priligy allows a man to relax. As a result, anxiety, nervousness and other feelings that make a negative impact on the quality of sexual life are suppressed, which also helps to focus on sex and get more satisfaction from it.

Sure, the use of this medication will also make a positive impact on your relationship with the partner. First of all, your partner will be more satisfied with the sexual life, since intercourses will last longer. In addition, you will get less nervous, and that will help you create and preserve a comfortable atmosphere inside your relationship.

Possible Side Effects of Dapoxetine

Every medicine, which makes any positive impact on an organism, causes side effects as well. Sure, the use of Priligy may also lead to adverse symptoms. The most common ones range from such light unpleasant symptoms as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, headaches, apathy, sweating, weight jumps, dry mouth to dangerous health problems, like blood pressure jumps, fainting, erectile dysfunction. As for contraindications, the product should not be used by patients suffering from heart diseases, liver problems or depression. There is also a risk of drug-to-drug interactions, for example, with certain psychotropic medications. Therefore, specialists insists that you should have a consultation with your doctor, before you start taking Priligy. No doubt, as a patient, you can also take certain steps to prevent or ease the side effects mentioned. For example, you should drink enough water. That will help you avoid circulatory problems. Besides, you should not mix Priligy with alcohol. One more crucial safety rule ? you should avoid driving and using machinery, due to the risk of a faint.

Priligy from Canada vs Viagra: How Do I Make The Choice?

In fact, Viagra (sildenafil) and Priligy (dapoxetine) are two medicines that treat different problems. The first product helps to overcome erectile dysfunction, i.e. inability to get the erection that is long and hard enough to have sex. Meanwhile, the second medication is aimed at treating premature ejaculations and helping a man to last longer in bed. These two drugs produce different effects, which do not coincide. However, they can complement each other. For example, Viagra helps a man get a positive sex experience after a series of erectile failures, which contributes to his self-confidence. Meanwhile, Priligy provides an antidepressant effect, which also boosts self-belief.

Most importantly, both of these medications should be taken on the recommendation of a doctor only, otherwise their use may lead to dangerous health consequences. You have probably heard that as of now Viagra is available over the counter. However, that does not mean that self-treatment is safe enough.

In case you do not have the opportunity to make an appointment at the doctor’s for some reason, start with discussing the use of the product you are interested in with a specialist on the Internet. Today, there are hundreds of online pharmacies that offer such a service for free. Sure, such a consultation should not be treated as an alternative to a visit to the doctor’s office. But it will help you find out whether there is any chance that you can use Viagra or Priligy without compromising the health.

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