Stable erectile function requires a lot of nutritive elements that support erectile mechanism. Today a lot of vitamins and food supplements are introduced at the market. They are available in drug stores, sport shops, and in online pharmaceutical shops. Moreover, some food products contain elements that are useful for the men’s health. So, let’s figure out what vitamins and natural food supplements are the most popular and effective.

Vitamins for erection: What do we know about them?

It is already widely known that vitamins we take to improve immunity and so on have very positive impact on the men’s health either. They are proved to normalize blood circulation, stimulate semen production, improve nerve impulse conduction between genitalia and brain, and support the elasticity of red vessels and capillary tubes.

The doctors recommend that men take the following vitamins to normalize their sexual function:

  • It is known to increase the quantity of viable spermatozoids, prevent from some diseases as well as to be responsible for angenesis.
  • Folic acid. It has positive impact on the quality of semen, prevents the development of cell abnormalities.
  • Vitamin C is vitally important for immunity support/
  • Vitamin D stimulates sexual desire on mental level and facilitates the synthesis of androgens.
  • Vitamin E is one of the strongest antioxidants, normalizes libido, improves skin and hair condition.
  • Selenium improves fertility, supports sexual health.
  • Vitamin A facilitates production of sex hormones.

When to start?

Vitamins for erection

Vitamins can be taken regularly as there are not restriction regarding the age and some restrictions. Usually doctors recommend that patients take vitamin complexes 1-3 times a year, for example in winter, summer and during the period of cold. The time should choses depending upon the patient’s health condition. Each course usually lasts around 30 – 60 days. The choice of the vitamin depends upon the man’s age.

Men up to 40 years old are recommended to pay attention to the vitamin complexes that contain B vitamins, E, A and N vitamin complex. It helps maintain high quality of sperm, muscle weight as well as stable sexual vigor. It also decreases the negative effect of bad habits that are often met among young people.

If you are from 40 to 50 years old you should prefer vitamin C, A and E. They strengthen immunity, supports cardio – vascular system, slow down the aging processes. After 55 years vitamin D becomes the major element in the prescribed complexes. It improves the condition of the bone tissue and decrease the risk of infarction and blood stroke.

Special attention should be paid to the sport vitamins. The given complexes are necessary for men exposing to great physical load. The complexes are enriched with B vitamins as well as tocopherol and retinol. These substances help sportsmen restore faster and maintain energetic level of the body.

Food supplements for good erection

Someone consider food supplements to be a waste of money. However, we would like you to take into your account the following information.

  • Yohimbe is a strong aphrodisiac that positively influence men’s vigor. Products with yohimbe are available in regular drug stores as well as in online pharmaceutical shops.
  • Wheat germ oil, pumpkin and nettle seeds are recommended for the restoration od sexual function.

The given medications can differ by their content and therapeutic action. All of them do not show bright results “from the very first pill”. However they have accumulative effect and usually support the whole man’s body. They normalize hormones, stimulate libido, eliminate sexual weakness, improves immunity, and intensifies physical and mental activities.Various elements vegetables contain support not only erectile function, but also urinoexcretory systems.

Food products and folk remedies

Everyday ration should be compiled in order to use as many vitamins as possible. Non-fat beef, chicken meat, pumpkin, and spinach contain Zinc. Peanuts, bananas, buckwheat, green vegetables are full of B vitamins. Eat more cabbage, tomatoes, black currant, apples, raspberry and citrus fruit for vitamin C.

Vitamin D can be found in mushrooms, flatfish, liver, mackerel, and eggs. Vitamin E is supplied by peanuts, almond, plant oil, cucumbers, potatoes, carrot, and spihach. Garlic, cocoa, buckwheat, champignons and Brazilian nuts contain selenium; grapes, sweet cherry, onion, melon and water-melon contain a lot of vitamin A.

In order to make food healthy and rich in the above-mentioned elements you should boil it, stew or steam. Eat vegetables, fruit, and nuts only uncooked. In this case food keeps its healthy properties that have a positive impact on men’s erectile function.

As far as folk remedies is concerned ancient people have left us a lot of recipes how to maintain men’s vigor with the help of food and herbs. Here we have collected the most popular ones.

  • Ginger tea. Put one dry ginger root in the pot, add 500 ml of boiling water and boil during 40 minutes. Cool it, add one teaspoon of honey and several drops of lemon juice. Drink as tea.
  • Ginseng tincture. Grind up one dry root and put it in bowl. Add 350 ml of medical alcohol. Put it in cool and dark place for 3 days. After that add clean water in 1:1 proportion. Wait for 72 hours and then filter it. Take one teaspoon before supper.
  • Mixture of nuts and dry fruit. Take dried apricot, dried plum and walnut in equal parts. Put everything in mincing machine and add one cup of fluid honey. Take one spoon of mixture every day.
  • Vitamin mixture. Take 100 g of dried apricot, dried plum, dried fig and raisins and put in a bowl, pour boiling water over and wait for 5 minutes. Put dried fruit out and dry them on clean cloth. Take one half of lemon, put away peel and stones. Put everything in blender, add one cup of walnuts and grind until homogeneous substance appears. Add 2/3 cup of honey. Keep in cool and take as a dessert.
  • Dried fruit with sour milk. Mix 200 g of fig, dried apricot and raisin, add 300 g of walnuts. Mince it with a knife. Add the mixture into your yoghurt or sour milk.
  • Fried eggs with onion. Take 2 onion, chop them and fry on strong fire. Add one spoon of olive oil. Add 3 eggs and several garlic cloves.

Here are some folk recipes that were used to maintain men’s sexual health. Besides, the following products are known to be rich in useful elements and to be a natural remedy for a lot of disorders:

  • You should cook it before eating and use in different dishes.
  • Stewed calf meat is very soft and is considered to be a dietary product.
  • Pumpkin seed oil. It is a storehouse of nutritive elements like zinc and oily acids.
  • Linseed oil. It is another Nature’s doctor that can treat e great variety of various health disorders like nervous diseases, hormone disorders etc.
  • It can be taken in salads like a herb or in the form on juice. It is one of the strongest natural remedies for potency.
  • Vegetable juice. It contains much more nutritive elements than one vegetable does. Use carrots, celery, beetroot and other root vegetable for that.
  • It can be used together with milk or as a spice supplement to other meal.

As you see our Nature takes care about us and has prepared a lot of recipes that can help maintain our good health and men’s vigor in particular.