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We Sell Legal Drugs for Cheap

My Canadian Pharmacy is stocked with a vast variery of medications for every health conditions, but our specialty is sex health drugs in their brand and generic versions. Both types feature equally high quality, but generics are available at a considerably lower price.

We Promote Safety

Every item you can find on our website conforms with the ISO 9000:2001 and is either the original or generic version of an FDA approved medication. The efficacy and safety of the drugs on our formulary is our top priority.

Our Generics Are Effective

Any time a prescription is issued, it is issued for a specific active substance with the therapeutic properties; the substance itself can come marketed under variety of names. The original developers charge extra fees for the work and investments the put into creating the drug, while generic manufacturers only charge for the work and materials. We only deal with the companies whose quality of production has been verified.

We Offer a Wide Choice

Our company is the leading supplier of drugs against asthma, heart diseases, high cholesterol, diabetes, allergies and other conditions. However, our main focus lies with the so-called lifestyle drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levira, each of them coming in a variety of drugs forms and available as brand pills and their generic equivalents.

We Are Available 24/7

There are no waiting lines for our customers whenever they need an actual consultation with a pharmacist or a representative of our customer support service. Drop a line stating the topic of your query so that it gets picked up by the right department, and we will get back to you within a few hours. During working hours, it is also possible to reach us on the landline phone (toll-free in the US and Canada).

We Offer Convenience

  • When you share your information with us, you can rely on its being safeguarded using regularly updated web safety tools.
  • Discretion is the name of the game when it comes down to shipping and delivery, too. The nature of the package’s content is not marked on the outside.
  • All the damaged and lost packages are refunded or reshipped at the expense of our company if it is responsible for the shortcomings.
  • Not sure which generic drug to choose? Let us know about your concerns, and we will help you explaining the difference between analogous pills.
  • We offer finding a trusted telemedicine service for those who have no prescription issued at the doctor’s office.

Regular Discounts, Coupons & Promotions

Our low prices is not a reason for us to skip the sales, promotions and discounts. Visit our website and find the current hot deals, or become a subscriber and receive personalized notifications abou the products you are interested in to your mailbox direclty.

We Are Responsible

Whenever we handling your payment information, we use encrypted pages to do so. It is perfectly safe to share the sensitive date on the specifically designated pages, as we only use internationally approved billing services with outmost protection in place. Your personal and payment information will be handled and stored discreetly and reponsibly and deleted after a certain period of time during which you have been inactive, or upon your request.

We Work in Line With Your Interests

  • We can help you with prescription transfer;
  • We can help you choose the right drug from the existing generic forms, in the correct dosage;
  • We will consult you on matters related to sexual health, erectile function, ejcaculation delay and control, libido disorders in men and women, and more – free of charge.

We stay motivated throughout the entire working process, this drives up our efficacy and your health outcomes!