Do we require prescription for generics?

Prescription Medications in Canadian Pharmacy

Does our pharmacy require prescription for medications we sell? Drugs that can be solely distributed with a prescription, and this includes most brand medications available here, should be purchased with a valid prescription only as required by authorities. Every legal prescription is connected to your electronic medical record and pharmacists will have the right to say no in case if your EMR does not include a treatment like this.

Generic pills with the same active ingredients in the structure can be ordered without a prescription. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you share relevant information on the current state of your health and your chronic conditions. Generics are as effective as the original pills and you should be careful before ordering anything from us.

We are not responsible for the side effects in case if you conceal the essentials about your medical status. However, if it’s not your first treatment experience and if you’re tired of paying excessive sums of money for the pills, generics will be a perfect replacement.

If you already have a prescription and want to save on your regular treatment, sharing your prescription information with us is a must. If you’re hesitant about talking to a physician first, contact us for more detailed information concerning your healthcare issues. Our staff members will find a way to help you.

What should you do to get a prescription from your physician/hospital?

Just arrange an appointment with your regular physician and be frank about health conditions bothering you.

There are different kinds of prescriptions available:

  • A regular paper prescription that you can use in any of the local drugstores in your area;
  • A direct order of the medicine from the pharmacy arranged by your physician;
  • A special electronic prescription officially connected to your medical record.

Depending on your health plan, you’ll have a chance to get your medicines either for a partial or for a full price. Getting the right prescription is one of the key issues at the start of your successful treatment.

The prescription will help you get our pills from:

  1. Pharmacies you have in your neighborhood;
  2. Mail-order pharmacies;
  3. Online pharmacies.

Telemedicine: is it a good alternative?

It’s a remote way to carry out healthcare services. Telecommunication is extremely useful for patients living in remote rural areas and having no possibility to visit their physicians on a regular basis. The patient interacts with a physician or a group of medical specialists via online video conferences, smartphone applications, email, and other ways existing in the world of modern communication technologies.

The following types of telemedicine are generally available:

  • Remote monitoring. A perfect choice for patients with chronic diseases. They don’t have to visit their physicians too often especially if it’s a low-intensity condition. The control measures are carried out via special medical devices collecting information about the patient’s vital signs and sending the data directly to the medical specialists.
  • Interactive healthcare services. Involves real-time online or phone communication with a physician that can be arranged either from your home or from any of the local medical facilities.
  • Asynchronous remote medicine. Carried out with the help of the third persons. These are providers approved by your healthcare facility. The provider helps you collect the information about your health and deliver it right to your physician who makes decisions and sends prescriptions that you can use in your local drugstores.

Telemedicine is one of the most convenient things generated by technical progress. The only thing you have to do is to pay the initial visit to the physician who is going to work with you further and discuss all the details.

Nevertheless, telemedicine demands certain obligations from your side. You should be organized and consistent to help your doctor make the most appropriate solutions. You should be able to follow diets or courses of treatments on your own.

The online pharmaceutical market is also one of the most easy-to-use solutions launched in order to save time and money; they offer cost-effective solutions and cheap alternatives to costly medications. Besides, they provide customers with professional free consultations 24/7.

How to submit your prescription to Canadian Pharmacy?

  • Pick out the medications you need from the online catalog;
  • Make sure the dosage is eight and contact our online specialists f you hesitate about it;
  • Proceed with the initial steps of order confirmation and send us valid information about your current medical prescription as well as other personal details pointed out at the questionnaire so that we can check whether this medication suits you or not;
  • In several hours, one of our staff members will send you a notification or call you back to approve or reject the order.

There’s also a possibility to refill a prescription in case if you want to repeat the order. A system of notifications is aimed to remind you about regular refills. Ordering prescriptions from us is safe. Privacy is one of our chief virtues and we’ll do our best not to let anyone steal your personal information or your credit card data in order to harm you. Each of the Canadian Pharmacy clients deserves proper protection.