Our privacy policy principles

Our Pharmacy is respecting rights of every customer shopping with us. We are committed to protecting the information that you share with us. Our privacy policy is with compliance with the federal privacy legislation that was passed into law on January 1, 2004. Under this legislation we are obliged to never disclose the personal information our customers share with us. Furthermore, we cannot share the information you share with us even you provided us with the permission in an informal way.

Accountability of the information

Our pharmacy is accountable for the personal Information that you share with us. This information includes every bit of information that we have to share with third parties (for example, delivery companies) in order to provide the best possible full-scale service. We educated every employee with our company on our Privacy policy and on handling personal information.

Collecting the information

Our pharmacy always informs our customers whenever we are collecting the private information. Our pharmacy provides the reason for collecting such information. The information can be needed for a variety of purposes, such as providing our customers with the treatments needed, providing delivery services, filling prescriptions, or transferring the information to the qualified medical specialists.

We may use the provided information to provide refill reminders or any information about available treatment alternatives. Optionally, we may use the provided information for informational purposes, such as upcoming deals and sales, upcoming events in our stores, informing on health-related benefits and services that may be potentially beneficial for our customers.

In order to provide you with the full scope of benefits of these and other related services, our pharmacy may ask you to provide us with personal information. However, before collecting such personal information, we will fully disclose the specific purpose for which the said information must be obtained and we will provide you with the option to either agree to or refrain from providing us with this personal information. Please note, that if you choose to not to share personal information with us, we will not be able to provide the service mentioned.

Limits of personal information

Our pharmacy has limits on the amount and type of personal information that we collect with the full consent of our customers. Our pharmacy collects personal data only for the purposes that have been clearly identified and disclosed. Our pharmacy only collects the private information if it is permitted by all existing articles of law and local regulations.

The information collected by our Pharmacy is limited to the necessary amount for the particular purpose identified beforehand. For example, if a customer needs a specific prescribed medication, we will only collect the information related to the eligibility of the said prescription and medical history of the patient that is sufficient to issue such medication.

Disclosure of the personal information

Our pharmacy shall disclose our customers’ personal information only for the purposes and reasons said customers provided us. All the collected information is kept at our secure servers only for the duration of time necessary and sufficient to fulfill the purpose of the task the information was collected for. In addition, the personal information is kept with us for the duration of time that is required by existing articles of law and regulations. For example, in some cases the prescription medications history is required to be kept with the pharmacy that dispensed medication for several years, regardless of whether the customer is still with the pharmacy that issued such medications. This information can only be shared with agencies and institutions that may request with the subsequent legal order and in the presence of the official who provides such an order in compliance with the existing laws and regulations.

When our customers’ personal information is no longer required for any purpose, it shall be diligently destroyed or depersonalized by the trained employees of our pharmacy.

Accuracy of personal information

Our pharmacy will strive to maintain the complete accuracy of the shared personal information in our possession. The accuracy of the kept information is necessary to provide our customers with the best possible professional service, we must ensure that the shared personal information is completely accurate and reflects the real situation that you addressed us with. Your medical professional might want to ensure the accuracy of the information you shared and submit the necessary update or provide us with moire details on the specific case. All of that is done strictly to ensure safety of the patient and to provide the best possible solution our pharmacy is offering. Should you notice the information you provided us is not accurate at any point, please immediately update us with the accurate information in order to prevent undesired or inefficient treatment.

Protection of the personal information

Our pharmacy adheres to the principles of complete security and privacy and shields the information our customers provided us with the help of the most recent, state-of-the-art security protocols. These protocols are what is known in information security field are SSL-encrypted and ensure that the information shall never be leaked of be accessible to any third party. Additional measures are implemented by our information security professionals to protect the loss, possible misuse and undesired alteration of the information. All information is protected by multi-level security codes and is accessible within our Pharmacy only to the specialist related to the particular case. A regular training on a privacy protection and information security is in place at our pharmacy and is taught by the leading professionals in the information security field.

Personal access to the information

Should you need a current information on your case, you can file a request to share such information with you at any point. We shall provide you with all instances the information you shared with us have been used and to what purpose.

For individuals aged 18 and older, the legally signed copy of such information shall be provided in the printed and/ or digital form. For children under 18, the request from the parent or a legal guardian will be required to obtain such information. If a customer has any concern about the access provided to the private information, or if a customer wishes to amend the information, they are encouraged to discuss it with the customer’s pharmacist employed with our Pharmacy, and they will be helping you in accordance to our internal policy.

Challenging current privacy policy

As a valued customer, you are entitled to challenge this privacy policy. Our specialists shall respond to your request or inquiry in 30 calendar dates starting from the date the inquiry was submitted. Your personal pharmacist is responsible for reviewing and obtaining your request and providing further instances with the case. Please be aware that if you wish you can submit the request for assessing the privacy concern to our independent privacy protection specialist, without consulting your personal pharmacist.