There are a number of symptoms that appear periodically, they are the first signals to deviations in the reproductive system. Due to irregular occurrence, such symptoms are attributed to the normal state of organism, although this is not so.

The first signs of erectile issues:

  • Premature ejaculation

Often the cause is irregular sex life, as a result – emotional, physical, sexual overstrain. With the normalization of the number of sexual acts, erection and potency will return to normal;

  • Lack of libido (attraction) or problems with erection, ejaculation often arise due to hyperactive sex life

If you have sexual intercourse too often, the body becomes saturated and simply does not have time to produce hormones, seminal fluid. There is no need to treat such symptoms, as it is enough to give the body a rest, and sexual function normalizes;

  • Age-related changes in male organism

With age, a person loses attraction and opportunities in the sexual sphere. Erectile function is impaired, insufficient or incomplete, ejaculation occurs quickly or is not achieved at all due to lethargy of penis. The age at which such changes occur is different for men: some face sexual problems at 35, while others lead a normal sexual life at 65. Treatment in this case is necessary.


Many of these factors do not require treatment and are a normal state of the body associated with lack of rest or irregular sexual intercourse. If the problem occurs more than 3 times in a row – this is a clear reason to engage in treatment.


Most often, dysfunction of the reproductive system occurs gradually, therefore, if symptoms of impotency are noticed, a man should seek help in a timely manner. Erectile dysfunction has certain symptoms that clearly indicate the presence of abnormalities in the body. Initially, they may be temporary, but as the disease progresses or age-related changes, the problem may worsen.

The characteristic signs of erectile dysfunction are as follows:

  • Night and morning uncontrolled erections disappear. If a similar phenomenon is not noticed for a long time, you should inform your doctor about this;
  • Inhibition of libido. Attraction to the opposite sex may disappear or be insignificant. The cause of the problem may be a partner, so you should pay attention to other signs;
  • Weak or insufficient erection. A weak erection means a situation when the organ increases in size, but not completely and remains sluggish. A similar sign when the penis during sex loses hardness;
  • With physical stimulation, erection does not occur;
  • Uncontrolled ejaculation. In the male body, seminal fluid secretions may appear in the morning or evening;
  • A characteristic symptom is premature ejaculation, which occurs before sexual intercourse.

The reasons for the problem are different: congenital abnormalities in the synthesis of hormones, diseases in the prostate gland, dysfunction of ejaculation due to interruption of sexual intercourse, regular use of caresses without achieving ejaculation, the use of artificial means to prolong an erection (occurs when used on a long-term basis).

Impotence at a Young Age

Age-related changes among the signs of impotency play a significant role, since most diseases appear when a certain age is reached, while the body independently contributes to inhibition of sexual function. A common cause of ED in young age is insufficient testosterone. Young people may also experience sexual dysfunction.

Young age accompanied by impotency cannot be called a normal state, even with the frequency of occurrence. The most dangerous signs are those that are not associated with prolonged abstinence or sexual activity. Everyone is afraid of losing male power at a young age, and the presence of any symptoms becomes an alarming signal. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to a lack of hormones, sperm or irregular sexual life.


The whole complex of preventive treatment is as follows:

  • Resumption of the right lifestyle: work, rest, sleep, physical education and nutrition should take their place;
  • Bad habits must be abandoned;
  • Prevent interruption of sexual intercourse, especially if it is used as contraception;
  • Abuse of self-satisfaction is not worth it;
  • Treatment of concomitant diseases: cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems, as well as liver diseases;
  • Engagement in the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system – adenomas, prostatitis, etc., they are enemies of potency;
  • Maximum prevention of injuries of the reproductive system;
  • Establishment of regular sexual life and eliminate promiscuous relationships;
  • Timely treatment of impotency;
  • Establish a relationship with a partner, ideally achieve a trusting relationship.

Treatment Tips by ED Health Professionals

Organic impotency develops gradually, so timely detection and treatment form the basis of recovery. Psychogenic factors in most cases are eliminated in the course of trusting relationships between partners.

At a psychogenic level, impotence can be eliminated if:

  • Establish close emotional relationships;
  • Open the problem to a partner or a doctor;
  • Follow the instructions and use the prescription services of our Canadian pharmacy for the use of drugs. Some medications severely damage erections;
  • Create the right lifestyle;
  • Timely resort to the help of doctors.

Regardless of what problems cause erectile dysfunction, whether it is vascular or psychogenic factors, it is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Prevent physical stress. If a body is very tired, sexual function will be inhibited;
  • Establish a sleep mode. The sleep needs of all people are individual, but in general it is recommended to sleep 8 hours;
  • You need to eat hearty, consume a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals. The following are useful for the reproductive system: meat, greens, nuts, sour-milk products, vegetables, fruits, and grain crops;
  • Normalization of relations. If there is no mutual understanding and trust between people, an erection may be absent due to fear in the partner. It is necessary to destroy this barrier and open to each other;
  • Sex therapy. When the attraction to individual girls, usually to his wife, disappears, additional methods of arousal can be used. This will help the situation, affection, clothing;
  • The type of medication depends on the root cause of the disease. It is possible to use drugs to provide a one-time erection;
  • It is possible to establish blood flow in the body through exercise. Especially important for people with a passive lifestyle;
  • The procedure stimulates local blood circulation and improves well-being.