One of the most well-established online Canadian healthcare stores, My Canadian Pharmacy receives a lot of questions from potential customers. Turns out, some people are still afraid of making purchases on the Internet because they’re sure every eCommerce website is a scam. If you have some doubts concerning My Canadian Pharmacy, it’s high time to dispel your fears and debug a few popular myths.

#1. Canadian Pharmacy sells counterfeit products

Being regulated by Canadian laws, Canadian Pharmacy has a strict control over the medication it sells. Do not mistake generic medications for counterfeit ones: they have the same contents as their originals, and, consequently, the same effect.

If you still doubt the quality of drugs present on Canadian Pharmacy website, you’re free to contact the customer support and ask for the certificates of quality. Our staff will be happy to present you with information concerning medication origin and quality.

#2. If my parcel is lost or spoilt, I won’t be compensated

My Canadian Pharmacy respects every single customer and makes sure that the products are delivered right to their doors. If you don’t receive your parcel for some reason, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We will help you to solve the issues connected with the delivery service and offer your money back in case of loss/damage.

As a customer, you always have 14 days to claim your money back after receiving the shipment. On some occasions, the client is able to receive a 100% reimbursement from our company. This fact will depend on what items the client has purchased and the impairment caused by handling. Keep in mind that some certain products cannot be shipped back in accordance with local regulations. Your money will be returned to you within 7 business days to the bank card that you used to make the purchase. As a rule, customers can track the delivery of their products, that’s why packages are rarely lost. We work with the most reliable courier services.

#3. It’s too expensive

Men have got used to the fact that recreation drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, and other erectile dysfunction products are simply expensive. “If you want to deal with such a delicate problem, be ready to spend boatloads of money” – that’s what some doctors say, too.

However, the truth is that buying some brand medications, such as official Pfizer’s Viagra, pharmacy customers overpay for its brand. The production cost of pills can be 90% lower, but there are many factors adding up to their price (manufacturer’s name, drugstore expenses, transportation, etc). Why sparing a buck on something that doesn’t even matter for you? There’s a great alternative to brand products: it’s called generic medications.

What’s the difference between traditional drugs and generics? Generics have the same content: they’re comprised of the same active substances as their original prototype. That means they have the same effect and, possibly, side effects. However, pretty often, manufacturers of generics produce their pills in different dosages and packages. Some create enhanced versions of medications (for example, Viagra Professional or Cialis Black).

My Canadian Pharmacy works with generic manufacturers, so the prices it offers are 20-40% lower than the cost of brand medications. Besides, the larger package you buy, the more you save.

#4. Generics are illegal

In fact, there are several drug manufacturers that are legally allowed to produce generics. One of those is Teva Pharmaceuticals and Greenstone (a subsidiary of Pfizer). These companies are 100% authorized to produce generic drugs.

However, there’s always some risk to buy counterfeit production depending on where you make purchases. Whenever in doubt, ask a seller to show you the certificate of quality and find out where exactly the generics are made. The manufacturer should be on the list of official producers.

#5. It’s more complicated than buying in local pharmacies

You’re convinced that making purchases online is inconvenient? My Canadian Pharmacy features a simple, intuitive interface, which makes shopping a no-brainer. You can order medications in a couple of clicks. The process takes a couple of minutes:

  1. Select medication.
  2. Add it to your Cart.
  3. Proceed to Cart and confirm the Order.
  4. Pay with your credit/debit card.
  5. Receive the order delivered right to your house.

If you need some piece of advice, don’t rush to visit the doctor: assistants on Canadian Pharmacy are always ready to consult you. Now you know that Canadian Pharmacy is a reliable place for buying medications. Moreover, you can save considerably by purchasing high-quality generic drugs that can easily replace expensive brand medications.