Over 15 years of protecting the sensitive data of customers!

If you are comfortable using the internet for your daily tasks, you will find e-pharmacies and telemedicine specifically advantageous

  • You don’t have to spend hours getting to one of the regular drugstores in your district for a pack of pills;
  • Secrecy and discreetness is especially satisfying for people suffering from sexual health conditions;
  • Low prices thanks to a significant number of reputable retailers and manufacturing offering cheaper generic meds;
  • The personal approach is one of the key features — it implies regular discounts, price reductions, and free notifications about the refills.

However, the fast-paced development of online pharmaceutical business leads to unpleasant complications. American government tries hard to stop the activity of illegal online drugstores. Unfortunately, the existing laws and regulations won’t be helpful if someone steals the data you share online while making orders, carrying out the payments, and filling in the prescriptions.

One of the Safest Online Pharmacy Options

My Canadian Pharmacy has become one of the most reputable online pharmaceutical institutions throughout the years of work in the USA. It has regular offices that you can visit if you’re interested in direct contact with the management. It’s an excellent example of a safe online service.

Canadian Pharmacy Safeguarding Your Sensitive Info

How do the staff members manage to avoid the worst? How do they operate the data so that you stay on the safe side? To ensure that their service is reliable and the customers’ data is protected, they:

  • Become members of NAPRA — a special national association actively working on the territory of Canada. They scan and check the activity of online pharmacies working within the borders of their country and over the border as well.
  • Don’t forget about current encryption technologies. They are updated and enhanced encryption procedures that prevent the system from being vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  • Make sure not all staff members have access to the customers’ data. There’s no need for each staff member to know everything concerning the clients’ health conditions, payment information, and general data. The fewer employees have access to your information, the fewer chances the hackers get.
  • Collect solely vital information and data that can be used for business purposes only. They never waste time collecting excessive data.
  • Delete the data that is not needed anymore. When customers know that their data is wiped out thoroughly after use, it reinforces their confidence.

Up-to-Date Technologies Enhance Your Safety

People are still inclined not to trust anything they cannot touch and see. Most of us are used to regular paper documentation and physical servers destined to store the database. We want to reassure you that our pharmacy deals with reputable companies providing us with impeccable and safe cloud storage and computing services.

Who needs paper when the whole world is active through cloud computing? It’s faster, simpler, more efficient, and safe for the environment. As soon as there are no paper versions of the documents, the amount of people able to gain illegal access to them decreases. Cloud documenting simplifies the storage, managing, and editing of the data.

Understand that all companies and agencies may experience a data breach for this or that reason. Nevertheless, genuine professionals will analyze the situation to prevent potentially dangerous situations in the future and optimize the security system. My Canadian Pharmacy is all about high-grade management and respectful attitude to their customers’ details.

Outsourcing Is a Viable Security Option

It’s crucial when we speak about the IT specialists of an online pharmacy. It’ hardly possible to control the online activity of the website and keep it protected with specialists 24/7. Outsource specialists become third-party team members who can:

  • Control the payments procedures any time it’s needed;
  • Process the payments so that they stay safe from hackers;
  • Protect the users’ data from cyber-attacks;
  • Help users deal with technical issues and refunds.

Outsourcing is all about convenience and regular control when it comes to the protection of medium-sized and small businesses.

Customers’ Safety Is a Common Endeavour

Customer security is one of the most critical things when it comes to healthcare and financial concerns. A trustworthy online pharmacy team is made up of people who understand and strictly stick to ti security policy. Anyone in the staff bears responsibility for the illegal use of anyone’s data. That is why everyone accepts their duties relating to safe computer use.

Canadian Pharmacy members and associates understand that every little thing matters. It’s crucial to:

  • Update the software regularly;
  • Create reliable passwords not to create backdoors to the system;
  • Stay away from private networks;
  • Use several security layers;
  • Carry out systematic security screening.

Security measures are obligatory. They maintain reputation, enhance communication with clients and business partners, and increase competitiveness in the pharmaceutical market.

Beware What You Share

Not all governmental laws and regulations concerning pharmaceutical business will work of the users turn out to be irresponsible.

  • Stay away from unknown computers and mobile devices when you use an online pharmacy.
  • Enter the website only after you find out about its reputation.
  • Control the household members who might have access to your data.
  • Understand that everything you share on the internet can become public knowledge.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions section.
  • Involve your relatives and friends if you are a newbie in online shopping.
  • Try to shop for medications via a reliable internet provider.
  • Your safety is your responsibility as well.

We can’t ignore the digital world of business and have to accept its drawbacks and dangers. The most important thing is our attitude and reaction to troublesome situations. We learn from them, train the staff members, and focus on safe long-term relationships with the suppliers.