Life quality is unthinkable without good health. Few things are as detrimental to a man’s self-esteem as compromised virility and sexual ability. Some issues are too delicate to discuss with friends, so let My Canadian Pharmacy be your advisor. We present 2 must-have products for our male customers.


There’s the whole gamut of factors that can cause hair loss in men: acquired and genetic health problems, stress, medications, and oppressive environment – all that harms follicles. When the number of falling hairs is higher than growing ones, bald patches and hair loss take place (alopecia).

Alopecia accounts for 50% of cases of hair loss. The reasons for it include both genetic (hereditary) and non-genetic factors: endocrine disorders, type 2 diabetes, hypo- and hyperthyroidism, bacterial infections, malnutrition, chronic stress, anemia, extremely high or low temperatures, harmful chemicals in hair products, hairdressing tools of poor quality, and certain kinds of hairstyles.

There’s a myriad of medications for hair loss treatment, and Propecia is considered to be the most efficient one. It contains Finasteride active component: this is a steroid reductase inhibitor. It reduces the amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and blocks certain types of hair loss in men. The medication has proved to be quite efficient in men of different ages, and you can be the next to reap benefits from it.

Vitamin C

It is no secret that Vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties that allow eliminating free radicals from the human body. It prevents cardiovascular diseases, strengthens walls of vessels, reduces cholesterol level, boosts the immune and nervous systems and stress-resistance. Researchers have found out that Vitamin C can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction, and 3 grams of Vitamin C per day can increase the frequency of sexual intercourses. The vitamin has a positive effect on potency, arousal, and satisfaction.

To get Vitamin C from food, you should eat an enormous amount of citrus fruit and other products. However, correcting everyday diet is quite challenging. Why not help your body with food additives? Vitamin C in dissolvable pills is the best way to improve well-being and health. It is available in different packages and can be bought in our online pharmacy with a great discount.

We offers a wide range of generic medications for agreeable prices, including superb products for men. If you need assistance in choice and shopping, our consultants are eager to help!