The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is soliciting grant proposals for projects along the border that address objectives of the U.S.-Mexico Border 2012 Program.

The U.S.-Mexico Border 2012 Program is a new binational 10-year cooperative plan aimed at protecting public health and the environment along the 2,000-mile border region where almost 12 million citizens of both countries live. The program’s objectives are to decrease air, water, waste and soil pollution, and to lower the risks of exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

EPA grant funds have been successfully invested in dozens of infrastructure projects in the United States and Mexico, such as the first-ever wastewater plant in Cuidad Juárez. Grant funding has educated communities on both sides of the border in Spanish and English through the Indoor Air Awareness Campaign in El Paso and by training field workers on the safety of drinking water in Webb County, Texas.

To apply, organizations must be located in the United States and can include border states, multi-state/tribal organizations, universities, local governments and non-governmental organizations.

Pre-proposals must be post-marked by midnight Dec. 31, 2003. Fax and email submissions will not be accepted. An EPA panel will review the proposals and make final selections by April 1, 2004. Proposals can be mailed to:

Linda Falk (6PD-P)

Region 6 Border 2012 Proposals

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

1445 Ross Ave., Ste. 1200

Dallas, TX 75202-2733

For more information on the Border 2012 program and the grant application process, visit

For more information, please contact:

Linda Falk